Saturday, February 13, 2010

New Years Resolutions Update

Well, its the middle of February. Time for an update on how I'm getting along with my New Years Resolutions.

Good news...
1. Went to my first opera this past week at the Chicago Opera House, called "The Elixir of Love" by Donzetti. What a great experience! Never having been to the opera before, I didn't realize that they have a screen above the stage with subtitles to explain what all the singing is about. This was a very funny and light-hearted opera and I enjoyed it very much.
2. Went to two dance performances already. Saw my daughter compete with her UIC dance team at Nationals in Orlando and they came in 2nd in the nation in hip-hop and 12th in jazz! That was awesome.! Last night went to see River North Dance Company perform at the Harris Theatre in Chicago. The last number made me and everyone seated around me cry. The theme was basically that the only thing that's holding us all back is ourselves. Very emotional and beautifully danced. I absolutely love River North!

Bad news...
1. Hurt the back of my knee badly over a month ago and haven't been very good about exercising my 30 days per day. Need to at least do strength training even if I can't jog on the treadmill. Will help me with my upcoming abdominal surgery.
2. Haven't been all that good about my diet either (and by that I mean what I'm eating--NOT that I'm ON a diet--I don't believe in "diets" because they give the impression that they're only temporary and once a goal has been met I will go back to eating the same crappy food I was eating prior to reaching my goal). Need to refocus on making the most nutrient-dense food choices at every meal (and cut out some of the Starbucks drinks - 500 calories per drink. YIKES!).

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